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Newsletter December 2021. Groundbreaking thinking and acting.

Newsletter December 2021. Groundbreaking thinking and acting. In the 15 years that Triple E has been in existence, we have not only conceived and advised great concepts and products to our customers, but we have often put our ideas into practice. Sometimes with success, sometimes with less success, but always…

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Newsletter November 2021: Rain in November Christmas in December.

When somewhere in the media we hear an expert put forward an obvious statement, the old Enkhuizer Almanac wisdom 'rain in November, Christmas in December' is always remembered within the Bade family. Of course it makes no sense and it is not in any almanac, but it is always correct.…

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Nieuwsbrief november 2021: Regen in november, kerst in december.

Nieuwsbrief november 2021. Regen in november, kerst in december Als we ergens in de media weer een deskundige een voor de hand liggende constatering naar voren horen brengen wordt binnen de familie Bade de oude Enkhuizer Almanakse wijsheid ‘regen in november, kerst in december’ altijd even gememoreerd. Het slaat natuurlijk…

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Newsletter October 2021. Books, journals and talks

The time has come: in September the book 'With the shock free' was published, which we wrote on behalf of the non-profit organisation. Animal Protection. In the book, for the first time, the concept of chasing away animals that cause damage has been clearly and ecologically and economically elaborated into…

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Newsletter September 2021. Who sows will reap.

These are busy times, even during the holiday season. To start with in the mycoretum, because there we were very busy with the harvesting activities during the holiday period. In this green oasis we organized a harvest festival on 27 August with the brewers of Vet and Lazy, as part…

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Newsletter August 2021. Beer, Brickz, Bavaria: a golden Triple.

So and now first a…happy announcement. On July 13, 2021, Swinkel Family Brewers and Natural Soil Improvement signed a collaboration agreement. The signatures were placed by Peer Swinkels, chairman of the board of directors at Bavaria and Tom Bade, director of Natural Soil Improvement. In the agreement it is stated…

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Newsletter July 2021. The f is in the month: family, festivals, fibres and formalities.

The time has come: the Corona rules are off the track and people in the Netherlands are going wild. And that means that in July the 'f' is in the month. To start with, we are again in a traffic jam, everyone will have noticed that. With the additional anomaly…

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Newsletter June 2021. Grow, bloom and prune.

Ecology and economy are always central to Triple E. Started in 2006 as a consultancy organization with the core business of mapping the economic benefits of nature and landscape, we are still in the prime of our existence in 2021 and we continue to grow. However, some things have not changed. For…

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Newsletter May 2021. Speaking of Triple E.

It is a cold spring and in our phytorefinery this is particularly evident in the difference between the plants that are inside and the plants that are outside. While inside the hop was already two meters high, the hop outside barely rose above ground level. And rightly so. Speaking of hops:…

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Newsletter April 2021. Our channel is opening.

Hollands Glorie has once again ensured that one of the lifelines of the world economy - the Suez Canal - is open again. Given the serious consequences of this blockage, we thought it would be wise to open our own channel for the future in order to safeguard our interests. And we…

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