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News letter december 2022. A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year

The end of the year started with a great party. The symposium 'Breaking down pollution' on 15 December was a great success. The Koepelkerk was quite full and that was already an indicator that the theme matters. What is also important: everyone ran smoothly and we only had good speakers.…

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Newsletter november 2022. Getting to know us

It was Einstein who once said that imagination is more important than knowledge. We at Triple E don't imagine much, but we know that within our Natural Soil Improvement business unit we have developed a great deal of knowledge in the field of mycorrhiza and soil management. We have not…

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Newsletter October 2022. Breaking down pollution

The arrival of our new newsletter has taken a while. This had nothing to do with the lack of new developments, but mainly with hoge amounts of work that needed to be done. The very long heat and drought period demanded a lot of extra attention for the trees and…

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Newsletter july 2022. Picture proof

Over the years, Brickz have been used in countless locations. Naturally, the question always arises whether the Brickz contribute to a better growth result. The answer is of course 'yes' and fortunately we received that answer from independent experts, such as WUR and BosBalans. But the feedback from customers also…

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Newsletter June 2022. From energy landscape to phyto refinery

Predicting is difficult, especially when it comes to the future. According to Market Twain. But according to Popper's theory of science, making predictions is the most important feature of science. Anyone can explain things retroactively. No, predicting we'll find a black in the middle of a galaxy and then find…

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Newsletter May 2022. Use, curb and admire.

Spring is there to be admired, but also to be exploited and curbed. With regard to making use of spring, our current activities include designing the tests we are doing with the Drents Overijsselse Delta Water Board to completely break down their WWTP by means of phytorefining with mycorrhiza and…

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Newsletter April 2022. Prosperous times, exciting developments and growing opportunities.

  These are booming times. Certainly in our phyto refinery, where everything grows just a little faster. In fact, these are almost pruning times again, because such a sunny spring does wonders. And we have a first: on April 13, the first VezelBrickz will be 'planted' in the yard of…

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News letter March 2022. About, timing, momentum and perseverance

It has now been twenty years since Tom Bade gave his first lecture on the theme of nature and economics. This was at the invitation of Jan Habets of Plant Pblicity Holland in preparation for the Floriade. The lecture was a great success, because of the completely new angle. On…

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Newsletter February 2022 Triple E is in bloom

It is February and that is the time when we are busy preparing for the studies we will be conducting for the coming growing season. For example, in the context of Fiber2Fiber, we are working with the Drents Overijsselse Delta water board to set up large-scale field trials for the…

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Newsletter January 2022. Fireworks in december

The last month of 2021 was still quite a blast within Triple E. We gave a major boost to the new assignment to PaperInnovator to develop packaging for the Brickz. And that is necessary because the FiberBrickz that we are going to use to remediate soils contaminated with asbestos must…

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