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Mapping the economic benefits of nature and landscape

The Centre of Expertise for Nature and Economy conducts research into the benefits of nature and landscape and has developed its own methodology based on real money flows. This method is called the ‘FEBO method’, whereby FEBO stands for ‘Financial Economic Policy Supporting Methodology’ (Financieel Economisch BeleidsOndersteunende methodiek). The FEBO method refers to a cafeteria model in which you can work with different modules for the customers. The method was eventually applied in more than 30 books. Director Tom Bade is currently working on a dissertation on this method.

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Elaborating business models and closing social deals

In recent years, our customers have increasingly felt the need to develop new revenue models in addition to mapping the benefits of nature and landscape. Therefore, a special approach has been developed based on rights and obligations within the FEBO method. Among other things, we have developed new revenue models for the State Forestry (Staatsbosbeheer), the environmental federations, Rijkswaterstaat, Landscape Heritage Utrecht (Landschap Erfgoed Utrecht) and Waterways and Sea Channel (Waterwegen en Zeekanaal).

However, as far as we are concerned, we do not just stick to applying models. The Centre of Expertise for Nature and Economy also closes social deals for its clients that lead to income and savings. A good example of this is the social deal ‘From Road Verge to Paper’ (Van Berm tot Bladzijde). A revenue model has been realized in this deal for Rijkswaterstaat and a number of municipalities and water boards, whereby in the future 200,000 tons of roadside grass will be used annually by Parenco as a raw material in the paper industry. This turns roadside grass from a cost item into a source of income. For Waterways and Sea Channel in Flanders we have also concluded such a deal for the ‘Roadside flow’ (Bermstroom) project and successfully supported the organization in securing subsidies. We are currently working for the Land Registry (het Kadaster) on two social deals for new land consolidation projects in Someren and Oostland. In addition, we described the future of Geldersch Landschap en Kasteelen in a beautiful essay for its 90th anniversary.

Strategic concept development

The Triple E Centre of Expertise for Nature and Economy has always developed innovative concepts for its clients. Examples are the Landscape Auction for the ARK foundation, Green Pays Off (Groen Loont) for the Green City (de Groene Stad), The Living Garden (De Levende Tuin) for VHG, the Veluweroute for ARK foundation and the Arnhem Line (de Arnhemse Linie) for the Green Alliance Arnhem North (Groene Alliantie Arnhem Noord). Almost always, these concepts are elaborated in clearly written and beautifully designed books and often enriched with wonderful posters (see photo below for the concept of Green Pays Of).

For the Land Registry (het Kadaster), we recently came up with the concept of ‘3D land consolidation’ and elaborated it in the book ‘Land consolidation through a different perspective (Ruilverkaveling door een andere bril). For LTO Glaskracht we devised and elaborated the ‘Circular Greenhouse’ and ‘Circular Greenhouse Horticulture’ and recorded the story about this in the book ‘Forward Mars’ (Voorwaarts Mars). These concepts are always unique, of enormous added value and therefore always part of our clients’ long-term strategy.

References about our activities are available on request.

For information mail to tom@tripleee.nl or call 06-54787728

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Partners we collaborate with

Our clients and partners include municipalities, provinces, the national government, nature conservation organizations, businesses, water authorities, and educational communities. Here is a small selection of them.