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nieuwsbrief december 2022

The end of the year started with a great party. The symposium ‘Breaking down pollution’ on 15 December was a great success. The Koepelkerk was quite full and that was already an indicator that the theme matters. What is also important: everyone ran smoothly and we only had good speakers. But the most important is of course the answer to the question: did the visitors find it interesting?

Well, that turned out to be the case. Of course immediately afterwards with coffee when we received positive reactions from everyone. But the next day we even received emails from people who couldn’t sleep at the same time about the new possibilities they saw. Well, you don’t expect that when you hold a conference on mycorrhiza, asbestos, PFAS and sewage sludge

We had put the book Nat Goud in the goodie bag for all participants. But especially the beer of the same name that we very much made ourselves, given the reactions we received in the form of photos of half-full bottles and empty glasses.

In short, as far as we are concerned, this conference is the new beginning of an old tradition in which we hold a meeting every year at Christmas in the Koepelkerk: the Green Christmas Lecture.

For those who missed the conference, our YouTube channel explains the method of breaking down mysterious substances with mycorrhiza in various videos:


We are steppinggood mooded into the Christmas period and the new year. And that is a state of mind that we wish everyone for the coming days. And to everybody: let the light shine in these dark days. Literally and figuratively.

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