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Triple E
nieuwsbrief april 2021

Hollands Glorie has once again ensured that one of the lifelines of the world economy – the Suez Canal – is open again. Given the serious consequences of this blockage, we thought it would be wise to open our own channel for the future in order to safeguard our interests. And we did: on YouTube. In this way we believed that we could best safeguard our contribution to the global economy.

To start with, we put three clips on it that had everything to do with the successful symposium “Van Hei tot Hazelaar” that we organized on 23 March. We had deliberately invited people in a very targeted way and almost 50% of those invited responded positively. In total 40 people. But where people normally drop out, we found during the symposium that we had 56 participants. In other words, the link was sent to some others and they also participated.

In short, the symposium was a great success and we recorded some of the results in videos, which can be seen on our own YouTube channel. But we are now in a good flow with our own channel and we have a sea of ideas. In the future, in addition to placing content in the field of Brickz and the consultancy assignments we carry out, we will therefore also pay attention to all kinds of social issues, including in the form of interviews.

It takes a while to find the channel, but the channel is certainly not blocked, so we are still looking for a lot of subscribers. If you want to register as a subscriber, you can. Then drag your cursor to:


As for media attention, the Fiber2Fiber project has made it to the Quest under the title: “Hello fungus, goodbye asbestos”. Which – to put it in shipping terms – covers the cargo well. It is not online, so that will be a visit to the Primera to buy a magazine. And that is of course also good for the middle class, who are already having such a hard time.

At the symposium we signed a cooperation agreement with Landscape Overijssel to process the residual flows released at the Vledder Hooilanden in our Brickz and for our trees in the future. This involves a considerable load of material and so we have to look at how we can do this logistically in the most effective way. Because here too, things shouldn’t get stuck.

And from April onward, the Westerdijk Institute will also be a partner in the Fiber2Fiber project. They will conduct research into the breakdown of PFAS with the help of mycorrhiza. This is the worldwide institute when it comes to knowledge of fungi, it also has the largest collection of fungi and we have been looking for a way to work with them for a long time. That has been successful with this one.

By the way, that took a lot of effort in terms of rules and regulations and it sometimes even threatened to get stuck, but every time we managed to get it right. That phase is over and now we are getting to work on cracking the chemical codes.

In the coming weeks we will be transporting another shipment of Brickz to Aalten, to tree nursery Rendering. The growing season has started and that also means that the pruning season has started. And that is hard work. We get back to work with all the tests, experiments and research and muddle through with the Brickz. But as we have done for 15 years at Triple E: we will get through it.

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