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nieuwsbief april 2023


The assignment that we are carrying out for the Dutch Foundation for Innovation in the Greenhouse Horticulture with regard to the possible cultivation of red list varieties and selling them to the consumer is slowly but surely taking shape. We have brought together a chain consisting of: Royal Ginkel group, Anthura, Cruydt Hoeck, Griffioen Wassenaar, Garden Centre Ockenburgh Naturalis and the Butterfly Foundation. And while there are certainly still issues to be worked out, the overall conclusion is that we need to continue shaping this exploration.

In recent weeks we have also been very busy designing our new phytorefinery in the Westland at the depot of the company Jac. Van Zeijl and sons and Grondbank GMG in Naaldwijk. As Charlie in the chocolate factory, we are on top of that with a constant amount of sludge and organic residual flows that we can put to good use for our Brickz.


More specifically, we will of course also be working on our sales of our products to horticulturists in the Westland in the near future. We are also actively supported in this by the Delfland Water Board, with whom we are mainly exploring the possibilities of converting salinated sludge into a useful soil improver/a good substrate.

We have already brought a lot of equipment to the location for the installation of the phytorefinery and will soon start with the actual installation and test runs. We expect to be operational in the Westland in the course of May, with our phytorefinery that we have given the working name ‘de Waterkant’. Then we can certainly also work there with our ‘old acquaintances’ from the west of the country with whom we already work, such as Vet en Lazy, Paper Innovator, Buytenland van Rhoon and Heineken.

For the circular chain project, we and our partner Van Ginkel have investigated the possibilities of working together with regard to the high-quality processing of roadside clippings at our newly developed locations. The outlook is positive and once the phytorefinery is in Naaldwijk, we will also look further into the possibilities there.

In the meantime, we have also put two new episodes of Leaf Green on YouTube that are definitely worth watching. The first is about biomass and the second about deterrence. These are two topics that are closely related. In view of the discussions surrounding the wolf, the beaver and the badger, expulsion as a new carrier under Dutch nature management must certainly be regarded as a promising concept.

Look here for the links about biomassity and chasing respectively:


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