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nieuwsbrief oktober 2021

The time has come: in September the book ‘With the shock free’ was published, which we wrote on behalf of the non-profit organisation. Animal Protection. In the book, for the first time, the concept of chasing away animals that cause damage has been clearly and ecologically and economically elaborated into a mature instrument for sustainable management of rural areas. The book can be ordered via info@tripleee.nl.

By the way, this new title fits in with a good tradition of books with new insights that we put forward at the interface of ecology and economics. Well-known is of course the book ‘Wild of economics’  (see https://www.yumpu.com/nl/document/read/20411429/lees-ook-het-interview-dat-zoogdier-had-met-auteur-tom-bade-pdf),  but of course also the concept of biomassiveness that we have devised and developed (see https://www.bnnvara.nl/vroegevogels/artikelen/tv-24-september-2013).

Even more good news: the trees that we have grown on heathland and grass clippings from Landscape Overijssel are now being planted by the same organization in a food forest that it creates. So that is 100% circular.

After the successful symposium ‘From nutrient-poor to high-fibre’, in which about 50 people participated (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-gm8300a-g) we are now busy with the further development of our FibreBrickz that will break down the asbestos in the soil. Fiber2Fiber is already a great success halfway through the term. It has become clear on the part of NIOO-KNAW that from a highly scientific perspective the results are certainly worth publishing in a journal.

Furthermore, this month, as a follow-up to our cooperation agreement with Bavaria, in October we will enter into cooperation agreements between Van den Berk Nurseries and the Royal Ginkel Group. Both will help us with the realization of a phytorefinery at Bavaria in Lieshout.

Perhaps the best news, however, was that we have received a European Patent for our Brickz (see https://www.facebook.com/tripleee.nl. Patent number 2 is also pending.

And so we happily blow into the autumn in the knowledge that it will be more beautiful than we thought. Oh well, for those who are a bit bored by the fireplace, attached a column with a foresight Tom Bade on Vroege Vogels about the Oostvaarderspark (https://www.bnnvara.nl/vroegevogels/artikelen/column-tom-bade).

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