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nieuwsbrief september 2021

These are busy times, even during the holiday season. To start with in the mycoretum, because there we were very busy with the harvesting activities during the holiday period. In this green oasis we organized a harvest festival on 27 August with the brewers of Vet and Lazy, as part of the 3BCT project. Naturally, the hops that we have grown on Brickz were harvested, which were made from residual products from beer production. But the grapes from our two vineyards have also been harvested, because Vet and Lazy will also use them for a special beer. How the brewing of this circular beer simply works can be seen in this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EU7ddbl8kiM

We also personally invited some relations for a small tasting of the beer and that tasted good. The visitors were so enthusiastic that they even took up the pruning shears to secure the ingredients for next year.

In addition, we are busy preparing the symposium ‘From Nutrient Poor to Rich in Fiber’ that we are organizing on September 14. There we will provide an explanation of the Fiber2Fiber project in which we break down asbestos and PFAS with mycorrhiza and in which we also look at the useful application of WWTP sludge as a substrate for the cultivation of fiber crops. Interested parties can register at info@tripleee.

Speaking of harvesting: this is a concept that is also central to hunting, in the form of harvesting ‘excess’ livestock. We have conducted a study for the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals (Dierenbescherming) and written a book about a sustainable alternative: expelling. The book will be published and presented in September by the Dierenbescherming. Anyone interested in the subject matter and the book can also contact info@tripleee.nl.

Finally, we started a new project called ABBA, which stands for Amaryllis, Brickz, Soil (Bodem in Dutch) and Waste Reduction (Afvalreductie in Dutch). Processing the pruning residues that are released during the harvesting of amaryllis is central to this project. We are looking at whether we can make Brickz from that, which we use for the cultivation of trees. Central to this is also the technology of the bio converter from TenComposting that we already have operational in the phytorefinery.

The project is aimed at a short chain of companies that are each other’s neighbours. The partners in the project are therefore (in addition to Triple E Natural Soil Improvement): Evers Nursery (amaryllis), Hendriks tree nursery, and Combinatie Mauritz tree nursery.

We have also put the first episode of our new series Leaf Green (Bladgroen) on our YouTube channel. This episode focuses on land consolidation, and discusses a new vision for this subject. The episode about land consolidation can be seen via this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkzjWLwTT14&t=12s

And so we bravely work our way through the harvest month of August to the autumn month of September. A month that will probably also offer us new, exciting opportunities in addition to a wonderful symposium. But we will tell you more about that in the next newsletter.

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