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Triple E

Newsletter February 2024. Between Mars and Earthly Concerns

This month we had a distinguished visitor. Wieger Wamelink from WUR came to visit to further explore how Natural Soil Improvement and WUR could work together when it comes to producing food on Mars. It was especially important for WUR that they looked for a partner with knowledge of mycorrhiza…

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Newsletter January 2024. About Artificial Intelligence and Brickz and books.

Not only was the Green Christmas lecture on land consolidation a great success, but we now also see that the seed has actually been planted at various locations in the country to get started with this. So who knows, we may soon have the first test plots. For more information…

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Newsletter November 2023. About production between doughnut containers, beer brewers and bookworms.

We are busy producing Brickz for various clients and coincidentally these are transported in what the trader called 'doughnut containers'. In fact, they are piled up everywhere, ready to be shipped now that the planting season has arrived, which coincidentally coincides with the doughnut season. But in these dark days,…

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Newsletter October 2023. About the Green Christmas Lecture and land consolidation

After the biodiversity crisis, the climate crisis and the nitrogen crisis, we now also have a water crisis. Let us reformulate it positively: we have a nitrogen task, a climate task, a biodiversity task and a water task. We could make this list longer, depending on who is holding the…

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Newsletter September 2023. About the real economy and the benefits of nature and landscape

Triple E was founded in September 2006, already seventeen years ago. At that time, we mainly started conducting studies into the economic benefits of nature and landscape. To this end, we had our own FEBO model that emerged from the first studies we had already conducted at KPMG. Almost all…

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Newsletter August 2023. Progress, books and breakthrough patents

Vacation, what is that? While it is wonderfully quiet in the Netherlands, Triple E is working hard at phytorefinery De Waterkant in Naaldwijk. There we make with our partners Jac. Van Zeijl & Znn and Grondbank GMG Tompost of duckweed are conducting trials for growers and are busy further improving…

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Newsletter April 2022. Prosperous times, exciting developments and growing opportunities.

  These are booming times. Certainly in our phyto refinery, where everything grows just a little faster. In fact, these are almost pruning times again, because such a sunny spring does wonders. And we have a first: on April 13, the first VezelBrickz will be 'planted' in the yard of…

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