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Triple E

Newsletter September 2023. About the real economy and the benefits of nature and landscape

Triple E was founded in September 2006, already seventeen years ago. At that time, we mainly started conducting studies into the economic benefits of nature and landscape. To this end, we had our own FEBO model that emerged from the first studies we had already conducted at KPMG. Almost all…

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Newsletter August 2023. Progress, books and breakthrough patents

Vacation, what is that? While it is wonderfully quiet in the Netherlands, Triple E is working hard at phytorefinery De Waterkant in Naaldwijk. There we make with our partners Jac. Van Zeijl & Znn and Grondbank GMG Tompost of duckweed are conducting trials for growers and are busy further improving…

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Newsletter April 2023. About new roads and old friends

  The assignment that we are carrying out for the Dutch Foundation for Innovation in the Greenhouse Horticulture with regard to the possible cultivation of red list varieties and selling them to the consumer is slowly but surely taking shape. We have brought together a chain consisting of: Royal Ginkel…

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Newsletter January 2022. Fireworks in december

The last month of 2021 was still quite a blast within Triple E. We gave a major boost to the new assignment to PaperInnovator to develop packaging for the Brickz. And that is necessary because the FiberBrickz that we are going to use to remediate soils contaminated with asbestos must…

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Newsletter December 2021. Groundbreaking thinking and acting.

Newsletter December 2021. Groundbreaking thinking and acting. In the 15 years that Triple E has been in existence, we have not only conceived and advised great concepts and products to our customers, but we have often put our ideas into practice. Sometimes with success, sometimes with less success, but always…

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Newsletter November 2021: Rain in November Christmas in December.

When somewhere in the media we hear an expert put forward an obvious statement, the old Enkhuizer Almanac wisdom 'rain in November, Christmas in December' is always remembered within the Bade family. Of course it makes no sense and it is not in any almanac, but it is always correct.…

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