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Triple E
Nieuwe dimensies en grote projecten

For the Land Registry, Tom Bade devised and elaborated the concept of 3D land consolidation in the book ‘Land consolidation through a different lens’. And in our phytoremediation plant, we are conducting the first trials aimed at applying RWZI as a substrate for plants to simultaneously break down pollutants. Client is water board Drents Overijsselse Delta.
Triple E acquires its first patent on the Brickz. It is a Dutch patent and it is decided to extend this to a European patent. But most importantly, this year marks the beginning of the era of major research projects for the Brickz.
This era starts in October 2018 with the award of a POP grant aimed at developing Brickz based on residual materials in nature management that are then used again for growing trees. Partners in this major project are: Stichting Landschap Overijssel, Waterschap Drents Overijsselse Delta, Boomkwekerij Rendering, Kwekerij Decohof and BosBalans.