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Triple E
Triple E | Praktische toepassingen en een groene kerst 200

Triple E first carried out a study regarding the benefits of heritage, culminating in the book ‘Ownership is worth gold’, which proved extremely popular. Other studies carried out led to books such as ‘From Low Peat to High Yield’ and ‘What is Expanse.
Two important studies appearing this year address the high economic importance of water management by water boards. First, ‘De economie van het schap’ was published on behalf of Waterscha Aa en Maas and then ‘Blauw betalen voor welvaart’ for the Veluwe water board.
This was also the first year Triple E organised a landscape auction abroad, namely in Vermont. Also important was saving the Reinwater foundation and the first Green Christmas Lecture organised in the Koepelkerk in Arnhem. The topic was ‘The Energy Landscape’, for which Tom Bade had specially written a book with the same title. The photos are by Ruud Lardinois. The book was handed over to Minister Cramer of VROM.