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Triple E
Tweede handelsmissie China en een boekje voor Bleker 2011

Hoping to contain Secretary of State Bleker’s balderdash, Tom Bade and two collaborators wrote the book ‘Nature Deserves Better’ in a fortnight to offer it to the new secretary of state. The book is great, as is the accompanying poster. We demonstrated with figures that the Main Ecological Structure was (and still is) also a Main Economic Structure. But to no avail, unfortunately.
Things went better in China with the province’s second trade mission, where several contracts were signed to green degraded ecosystems.
In 2011, Triple E also organised for the first time at Burgers Zoo The Day of Nature, the auction for the Federation of International Nature Conservation (later GlobeGuards). Naturally, the name and concept were conceived by Tom Bade.
This is the year when another a pioneering study cum book was published, namely ‘Wildlife of the Economy’ on the economic benefits of wildlife and wildlife experience. Completely in line with the concept of biomassality, but also already a precursor to the book ‘With the scare free’, published in 2021, on hunting as a new necessary concept for nature conservation.
The theme of the Green Christmas Lecture was ‘rights as a basis for financing nature management’. And Tom Bade had written ‘The Great Book of Rights of Nature Conservation’ especially for the occasion.

Wild van de Economie PDF