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Triple E
Symposia. Bavaria en partners

In 2021, Triple E/Natural Soil Improvement will receive a European patent for its Brickz, while four patent applications are also pending. A major digital symposium entitled ‘From heather to hazel’ will be organised for the project ‘Dredge, grass clippings and litter from our own region as a soil improver based on Brickz’.
A second symposium – under the name ‘From Low Food to High Fibre’ – organised to organise the interim results of Fiber2Fiber is also a great success. A cooperation agreement with Schut Papier is also signed at the symposium.
A cooperation agreement is signed with Bavaria to establish a phyto-refinery at the Lieshout site. A cooperation agreement is signed with Koninklijke Ginkelgroep and van den Berk Boomkwekerijen that they will cooperate on this.
For Greenport Gelderland, we will start working on a research project called ABBA, which stands for ‘Amaryllises, Brickz , Soil and Waste Reduction’. The idea is to convert waste material from growing amaryllises into Brickz for growing trees.
The web site Bosje Bomen is being set up to sell the trees from the phyto-refinery. Unfortunately, we had to note that the WWF ‘coincidentally’ came up with the same website under the same name a month later. History has shown that Triple E always has the longest breath.