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Triple E

With a scare

The Animal Protection Society needed a good for its input in discussions on the protection of nature and landscha in the Netherlands. We devised and elaborated the concept of hunting, especially also in an economic sense. This as a counterpart to regular hunting in the Netherlands. the story is recorded…

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Green values Appreciated

We have developed a business plan for the Goois Natuurreservaat in which funding is based not so much on current municipal contributions but on the provision of ecosystem services by its nature reserves to the regional economy. These include added value to homes, recreation and supply of clean groundwater for…

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The circular greenhouse

Many organisations in civil society need an 'own story' that makes them recognisable and clear to their supporters where the organisation wants to go. So too did Glastuinbouw Nederland, which approached Triple E with the open question of whether Tom Bade could develop a similar concept as he had done…

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