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Triple E

Sustainable with ease

In this project, we investigated the possibilities of maximising the reuse of paper disposables. To this end, we first examined which materials we could extract from them, particularly cellulose. We could then use the residual prpoduct for the production of Brickz. We were successful in this. It also turned out…

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This was a large project focused on the degradation of asbestos using mycorrhiza for which we received a grant from the province of Gelderland. In addition, the project also investigated how we could convert WWTP sludge into useful biomass with simultaneous degradation of all pollutants and degrade PFAS using mycorrhiza…

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A refined solution

On behalf of the Delfland water board, we conducted a study on the possible cultivation of trees on saline dredge and the production of Brickz from saline dredge. It turned out that in many cases salinity did not hinder this cultivation and the structure of the dredge was ultimately more…

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Local dredge, grass clippings and sods as a sustainable soil improver based on Brickz

This was a project supported by the province of Overijssel under the POP programme. In this case, we converted residual flows from nature management into Brickz, which are then used again for tree planting in tree nurseries in Overijssel and forest planting in Overijssel. In this way, after all, the…

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We carried out a project called ABBA (Amaryllises, Soil, Brickz and Waste Reduction) for Greenport Gelderland. In the process, we developed Brickz and Tompost on the basis of balds from growing amaryllises. These Brickz can be used in tree cultivation. Partners were Hendriksen Young Trees, nursery Evers and Combinatie Mauritz.

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In this project, Natural Sil Improvement investigated whether it was possible to grow hops on Brickz in which beer brew had been processed. This proved successful, bringing it full circle, as the hops were used by brewery Vet& Lazy to produce beer. Incidentally, growing hops is now a regular part…

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