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Triple E

Since its establishment in 2006, Triple E has carried out hundreds of projects and launched many new business activities. The timeline below provides an overview of some of the most compelling assignments we have completed and business activities we have started.

Kenniscentrum natuur en economie
Establishment of Triple E
In September 2006, Tom Bade founded Triple E... read more
Van de Veluwe tot de Ooijpolder 2007
From the Veluwe to the Ooijpolder
The first studies are conducted and lead to well-known books such as... read more
De Levende Tuin en de eerste prijzen 2008
The Living Garden and the first prizes
Studies are carried out and books written for various clients... read more
Triple E | Praktische toepassingen en een groene kerst 200
Practical uses and a green Christmas
Triple E first carried out a study regarding the benefits of heritage... read more
Mycorrhiza en China 2010
Mycorrhiza and China
In this year, Triple E really gets to work with mycorrhiza for the first time... read more
Tweede handelsmissie China en een boekje voor Bleker 2011
Second China trade mission and a booklet for Bleker
Hoping to contain Secretary of State Bleker's balderdash... lees meer
Tussen stedelijke natuur en wildernisnatuur 2012
Between urban nature and wilderness nature
We are writing the book 'I'm urban' for Lentiz... read more
Brickz en biggy bodywarmers
Brickz and biggy bodywarmers
Tom Bade is writing the book 'Arnhem a remarkable Green City'... read more
Van Berm tot Bladzijde tot Brickz
From Verge to Page to Brickz
Commissioned by Rijswaterstaat, an alliance under the name 'From Verge to Page'... read more
Brickz de grond in en Belgische baten
Brickz into the ground and Belgian benefits
A contract is being carried out for the province of Brabant to... read more
De staat van de natuurbescherming
From Verge Stream to Castles
In 2016, following the success of Berm tot Bladzijde... read more
Een nieuwe kas en werkzaamheden bij de buren
A new greenhouse and work next door
This was the year when we started Brickz production... read more
Nieuwe dimensies en grote projecten
New dimensions and major projects
For the Land Registry, Tom Bade devised and elaborated... read more
Geldersche Kasteelen, Vroege Vogels en Fiber2Fiber
Geldersche Kasteelen, Early Birds and Fiber2Fiber
For Geldersch Landschap en Kasteelen, we developed the concept of... read more
Verjagen, Awards en Bavaria 2020
Chase, Awards and Bavaria
For the Animal Protection Society, the concept of 'scare free'... read more
Symposia, Bavaria en partners 2021
Symposia, Bavaria and partners
In 2021, Triple E/Natural Soil Improvement will receive a European patent for its Brickz... read more
Asbest, PFAS nieuwe wegen
Asbestos, PFAS new avenues
The year begins with an assignment by SIGN... read more
Meer bier en nieuwe locaties 2023
More beer and new locations

The year 2023 will get off to a banging start with a major project called 'LiberTech'...

read more

Partners we collaborate with

Our clients and partners include municipalities, provinces, the national government, nature conservation organizations, businesses, water authorities, and educational communities. Here is a small selection of them.