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nieuwsbrief augustus 2020

We live in times when it is no longer very hip for the government to make plans. Because plans require vision and that is only difficult. It is better to put nothing on paper and respond, which is described with great admiration as ‘political agility’ by the political press. Well, you can see it that way. The reactive government nowadays delivers ad hoc policy at its best. The situation in which the national government, in particular, does not work in a planned and vision-oriented manner on any policy file, does mean that the parties in the field have no guidance whatsoever. Not even a handle to ‘be against’ something, because there is simply nothing. And if policy is already rolling out nowadays, many in the field ask themselves: ‘when and where is that decided’. Such as ‘where was it decided to spend 11.4 billion subsidy on forest burning’, ‘where does the PFAS standard that shuts down society come from’, or ‘where did the decision to adjust the animal feed come from’? This ‘policy void’ does not only play a role in our field – nature and the environment – it also plays everywhere. Also in the field of public housing, care, culture, defense, abroad: nowhere vision, nowhere plans.

The result is that many organizations themselves are searching for content and story. And we at Triple E are masters at helping to find and write down this story. Of course, in the past we have developed concepts such as ‘The Living Garden’ for the VHG, devised by Tom Bade for a members’ meeting in France. Or ‘The Veluweroute’ for the ARK foundation: the green alternative to the Betuweroute. The latter came up in a camper in Canada, while reading the National Geographic about Yellowstone2Yukon and thinking ’we can do that too’. Those were wonderful concepts, but nowadays the urgency for a good story is much more tangible, because there is a lot of uncertainty. More recently, we have therefore developed ‘3D Land Consolidation’ for the Land Registry, ‘the circular greenhouse’ for Greenhouse Horticulture in the Netherlands and ‘The Green Court of Gelre’ for Geldersch Landschap and Kasteelen. All recorded in beautiful books. For the PBL, we recently developed the concept of the ‘State of the Nitrogen’. Look at the link below to the book we have written for GLK.


This course will continue in the coming months now that we have assignments from the Animal Protection and the Goois Nature Reserve. The assignment from Animal protection involves mapping the costs and benefits of dislodging and the assignment from Goois Nature Reserve involves revising our study from 15 years ago in which we mapped the economic benefits of their sites. At the time also recorded in a beautiful book entitled ‘The green money under the Gooise mattress’. Attached a link about the booklet.


So much for the consultancy. But it is also busy within Natural Soil Improvement, if only because, of course, after winning the ‘Rural Inspiration Award’ from the EU, we have numerous obligations in the field of communication. Then you must have a good story. In any case, that has also led to the setting up of an English website, because our story must also land abroad. Dagmar Bade has worked hard on this in the past month. Of course it is a copy of the Dutch site, but with some extras. For example in the form of some videos.

As for the phytorefinery, Conpax has moved in with us as part of the project ‘Sustainable with ease’. In the sense that we will carry out tests aimed at processing their disposables together. We are looking at the possibility of obtaining a raw material for the Brickz or a substrate for the cultivation of trees here. New partners with whom we will collaborate with regard to the Brickz are Bavaria and Aqua Minerals.

And let’s not forget that in the meantime we also have to pay attention to the other current assignments. But in that respect it has been the same story for years: busy, busy, busy. But we don’t have to write a book about pressure and bustle. Not necessary, because busyness is fun and besides, we just don’t have time for that…… Too busy.

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