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Triple E
nieuwsbrief februarie 2022

It is February and that is the time when we are busy preparing for the studies we will be conducting for the coming growing season. For example, in the context of Fiber2Fiber, we are working with the Drents Overijsselse Delta water board to set up large-scale field trials for the phyto-refinery of WWTP sludge. This is already the fourth year that we have carried out this research and not only are we getting better at using WWTP sludge as a substrate, but also at removing all contaminants. We are even investigating whether we can patent this method.

Also within the framework of Fiber2Fiber we are setting up field studies for the degradation of asbestos around the soil. Of course we do this together with SGI Compliance and NIOO-KNAW. This is the last phase of the investigation and then we can start working on the market introduction. We are not there yet for PFAS, but the Westerdijk Institute is making promising progress.

The research into salinized dredging as a possible substrate for the cultivation of trees and the development of Brickz that we are conducting for the Delfland water board is entering its second season. And it is good to see that the trees are doing well to date.

It is also important that we learn to work better with Tellus, the computer systems with which we determine the composition of the Brickz based on the wishes of the customer and the available residual flows. That is important for the growth of our company.

We received an order from our partner Vet and Lazy, but also with Heineken in the background, to develop a substrate based on brewing sludge for the cultivation of barley. Rotterzwam is also a partner, which will supply coffee grounds. We do this with farmers from the Buijtenland area cooperative in Rhoon.
It is also nice to report that this season we have sold trees on a large scale for the first time. We like that very much and it also teaches us a lot about cultivation. And we can apply that knowledge to the development of the Brickz. Naturally, all trees were grown on river sediment, or on our own substrate, as we make with Tellus and our bio converter.
As for the consultancy: we have a new assignment from Greenhouse Horticulture Netherlands to support them in setting up a book containing best practices about housing for international workers.

In short, it’s February and it’s certainly not spring yet. But countless projects are already in the bud and Triple E is already blooming again.

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