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nieuwsbrief maart 2020

These are stormy times. Literally and figuratively. Literally because it does not want to become winter nor spring and Mother Nature has decided that the wind must blow strongly from another angle, so we regularly check around the greenhouse to see if all the windows are still in its place. Figuratively, these are stormy times because one crisis after another manifests itself. But we have to conclude that in these stormy times the wind comes from the right angle for us. 

In fact, we received a new assignment in the past month. The project proposal entitled ‘Easily sustainable’ (Met gemak duurzaam) that we had submitted to DEI + together with the Knowledge Centre for Paper and Cardboard (Kenniscentrum Papier en Karton) and Conpax has been accepted. This means that we are going to start recycling paper disposables from Conpax, including looking at a residual stream that might be suitable for producing Brickz with extra organic material. The great thing about this project is that if we use paper as a basis for Brickz in arboriculture, we can speak of a completely closed circle. This project continues to strengthen the Brickz product and the concept of the Phytorefinery. Together with ‘Fiber2Fiber’, ‘Dredging, clippings and scrapings from our own region as a sustainable soil improver based on Brickz’ (Bagger, maaisel en plagsel uit eigen streek als duurzame bodemverbeteraar op basis van Brickz), ‘B3TC’ (about organic conversion) and ‘Green entrepreneurship in Brabant’ (Groen ondernemen in Brabant), there is a solid foundation for the development and production of Brickz. 

In the meantime it is quite crammed in the Phytorefinery. We wanted to make use of a large field next to the greenhouse, but levelling cannot take place due to the wet weather. So now all plants will be temporarily indoors, including sticks, pots, mats, soil and everything else. We are currently also working with Tree Nursery Hendriksen and the Van Batouwe Nurseries to use Brickz and/or dredging for trees in the higher market segment. Keep in mind the saying: tall trees make a lot of profit. 

On March 18 on National Tree Day, Brickz and trees will be added as part of innovative and sustainable soil management. We are busy with that. But what we were also busy with in the past month was the fact that our project ‘Dredging, clippings and scrapings from our own region as a sustainable soil improver based on Brickz’ (Bagger, maaisel en plagsel uit eigen streek als duurzame bodemverbeteraar op basis van Brickz) has been nominated for the Rural Inspiration Awards 2020. How awesome is that! Naturally, for such a nomination, forms have to be filled in and recruiting stories have to be written, so that takes time. Fortunately, it is not a punishment for such fun projects. It would of course be even more fun if we actually win the award, because that of course also creates tailwind.

We also have news in the field of consultancy, because Tom Bade is working for the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency as a quartermaster for the monitoring of nitrogen. This is a file that is under great pressure and we are certainly proud that Triple E has been selected as an organization for this. The time pressure is great and in this case the paper is certainly not patient. 

Meanwhile, we are busy with our accountant FiControl to finalize the annual report for 2019. So we are also on top of that.

In short, these are stormy times, for which it applies that who does not dare who does not win.

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