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nieuwsbrief mei 2022

Spring is there to be admired, but also to be exploited and curbed. With regard to making use of spring, our current activities include designing the tests we are doing with the Drents Overijsselse Delta Water Board to completely break down their WWTP by means of phytorefining with mycorrhiza and miscanthus.

In the meantime, a test has also been added on behalf of Bavaria to remove PFAS from material from their purification process. In the same way we have successfully broken down PFAS before. But everything has to be put into the ground quickly to make the most of the growing season. So that’s a solid push. On the other hand, we also have to curb spring, especially in the mycoretum. There everything grows and blooms that it is (too) sweet. So that’s pruning and mowing again.

In the meantime, something beautiful is also blooming, because our employee Daan Houwers is working on a final thesis that investigates whether we could be able to make Brickz that could function as an alternative for the application of rock flour in nature reserves. And we are already seeing the outlines of a wonderful story here, which you will certainly hear more of.

We carried out an assignment for Greenhouse Horticulture Netherlands in which we conducted research into inspiring examples of good housing. And we have received an order from the province of Brabant to draw up a business plan for the phyto refinery that we are going to realize at Bavaria. The emphasis is on sustainable soil management and the chain that we are going to set up and in which we will supply Brickz or Tompost to van den Berk Nurseries and the Koninklijke Ginkel Groep. Something beautiful is bound to bloom there.

It’s spring: also on Vlieland. And there is also something beautiful blooming. Because we have delivered 5 tons of Brickz to Verhoeve Groen for the new Boswijk location on Vlieland. Of course we expect greenery to do better thanks to the Brickz, especially in these dry times. Because it’s not just nutrient bombs, but it turns out that our Brickz also retain the water well. And that is important in these dry times. But if you are going to Vlieland this year, you might want to stop by there to admire the results.

It’s spring and we have more good and growing news. Namely that we supplied trees for a food forest to Landscape Overijssel. That would not be so special, were it not for the fact that these trees were grown on a substrate of residual flows from the land management of Landschap Overijssel. In this case clippings from the Aamsveen. So that is 100% circular. Never shown before in the Netherlands. The forest can be admired at Weerseloseweg 259 in Enschede, which is not far from Aamsveen. So you can visit both in one day.

After ‘From roadside to page’ we have now also developed the concept ‘From roadside to tree’. You will certainly hear more about this in the near future, because we will certainly also use that knowledge.


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