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nieuwsbrief november 2020

Whether it is the neighbor who took care of the cat, the birthday mother-in-law, or the employee who has worked faithfully for the company for 10 years: if it’s a special occasion, we’re happy to give someone – and rightly so – a beautiful bouquet of flowers. That is a wonderful tradition.

However, we at Triple E have always had a thing for words and for trees. And so it happened that we thought of ‘bouquets of trees’, or, in more fitting words ‘forests of trees’ instead of bouquets of flowers. But you don’t buy trees per forest. Or do you?

Absolutely! Now we do, because we love forests and therefore we will offer everyone the opportunity to buy his or her own forest. This does not always have to be a large forest, it may well be a little forest of trees, with which a small forest can be created. In the garden, on the balcony, on the roof or in the vegetable garden. That is why we have set up a webshop where you can buy trees per forest: www.bosjebomen.nl. Bosjebomen.nl is an idea of Dagmar Bade that she developed herself to contribute to the greening of our living environment.

Now one forest is not the other and therefore one forest of trees is not the other. We have therefore put together beautiful forests of trees, so that you can also grow a beautiful (mini) forest on your balcony or in your garden.

In these times there is sometimes so much to choose that we can no longer see the trees through the forest. We have done some preliminary work to prevent that. The forests of trees that we have put together are: Dutch Glory, Flower Power, Balcony Forest, Magical Mediterranean, Oriental Delight and American Dream.

So from now on we sell the trees per forest. And whether you have to give yourself a little forest as a gift to compensate for the electric car you bought, or want to thank the neighbor for removing all those overhanging branches: from now on you can go to www.bosjebomen.nl

www.bosjebomen.nl is an initiative of Triple E and part of Natural Soil Improvement. For questions, please send an email to info@bosjebomen.nl or dagmar@tripleee.nl.


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