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Triple E
nieuwsbrief juli 2021

The time has come: the Corona rules are off the track and people in the Netherlands are going wild. And that means that in July the ‘f’ is in the month. To start with, we are again in a traffic jam, everyone will have noticed that. With the additional anomaly that July is normally the holiday month in which it is less busy, but is now the month in which we go out en masse. To work, to the beach and of course to family, because the f is in the month, so we will visit them en masse.

The ‘f’ also stands for festivals. The admission ticket nowadays mainly consists of a vaccination certificate, but if you can sit in the front row for next to nothing, the average Dutch person will quickly give in.

Festivals also play an important role in our projects, because together with our partner Conpax (www.conpax.nl) we are refining the paper disposables (chip trays, coffee cups, etc.) that are thrown away en masse here. We remove the fibres, sugars and proteins from the waste and use the residual material to make Brickz. The concept and installation had been in place for a long time, but the festivals were still missing. So trial run (literally and figuratively) was out of the question. But now it is.

But also in other respects we as Triple E will be partying happily this summer. First of all, together with Vet and Lazy, we are organizing a harvest festival in the mycoretum at the end of August. After all, that’s where the hops and grapes are already growing and Vet en Lazy wants to use them to brew a very special beer. In the course of the season we will also harvest the plums and pears, because you can also make alcoholic refreshments from them.

The exact date will be determined shortly once we have a picture of exactly when the grapes and bells will be ready to be harvested. The party will have a private character: we only invite relations. But if you like good beer, take a look at: www.lazy.vet

Even more celebration: on September 14 we are organizing a large digital conference called ‘From Nutrient Poor to Fiber Rich’ about the degradation of asbestos and PFAS with the help of mycorrhiza. This is part of the Fiber2Fiber project, in which we have developed a technology to convert harmful asbestos fibers into useful biomass fibres. The groundbreaking results we have achieved so far are presented here. If you want more information and/or want to register, please send an email to info@tripleee.nl

But we will keep the best party to ourselves for a while. On July 13, we are going to sign a cooperation agreement with a wonderful family business to develop a new phytorefinery. Everything fits perfectly with the ‘f’ that is in the month. That is of course fantastic news, but it must of course be confirmed formally. So unfortunately you have to wait a little longer to participate in this party.

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