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Triple E
nieuwsbrief augustus 2021

So and now first a…happy announcement. On July 13, 2021, Swinkel Family Brewers and Natural Soil Improvement signed a collaboration agreement. The signatures were placed by Peer Swinkels, chairman of the board of directors at Bavaria and Tom Bade, director of Natural Soil Improvement.

In the agreement it is stated that both parties want to develop a phytorefinery at the location in Lieshout, where the sewage sludge from Bavaria will be used to produce Brickz and to grow trees. The Brickz and the trees are then collected by one or more local nurserymen as part of sustainable soil management. In this way, a local chain is created in which a residual flow is converted into a high-quality soil improver. It is also the intention that the trees that we grow also become part of the plans to plant 40 million trees in Brabant. This naturally also captures CO2.

In short, in beer terms this is a real Triple: useful use of residual flows, sustainable soil management and CO2 capture. As a thank you for signing the cooperation agreement, we gave Bavaria a ‘Bosje Bomen’ (the Dutch Glory package) as a gift. The nice thing about this is that the oak, chestnut, birch, beech and hazel from the package are all grown on Bavaria sludge. In return we received a fantastic beer package to take home.

Completely fitting in this good news, two more announcements:

Attached is the teaser for our symposium ‘From Nutrient Poor to Rich in Fiber’: https://youtu.be/Q-gm8300a-g

We will soon start on our YouTube channel with the series ‘Leaf Green’. This series will consist of several episodes (movies) in which we treat and discuss our conducted studies in the field of nature and economics, as well as all kinds of other issues and issues surrounding this theme. Even more reason to subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYkWYkgklUbIQVo1tv4nTng

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