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Triple E
Van de Veluwe tot de Ooijpolder 2007

The first studies are conducted and lead to well-known books such as ‘The Veluwe deserves better’ and ‘Money like water’, on the economic significance of the Veluwe and the economic benefits of introducing the Water Framework Directive, respectively. Also important is the book ‘De Arnhemse Linie’ with Nature, Economy and Culture (NEC) as a success factor for the Arnhem outlying area.
In 2007, Triple E organises the first land cap auction. Together with Ark and Via Natura, the landscape is ‘sold’ to citizens in the Ooijpolder. The proceeds ultimately amount to 150,000 euros for the Via Natura area fund. The idea is completely new. New products to be sold include besides hedges and pools, helping the farmer with the birth of a calf, a night’s sleep in the haystack and many more experiences. In the end, almost all conservation organisations adopted the elements from the landscape auction in different ways.