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Vacation, what is that? While it is wonderfully quiet in the Netherlands, Triple E is working hard at phytorefinery De Waterkant in Naaldwijk. There we make with our partners Jac. Van Zeijl & Znn and Grondbank GMG Tompost of duckweed are conducting trials for growers and are busy further improving the production process. At phytorefinery De Groeiplaats we are going to work with a large order of Brickz and the sale of trees. And we are getting closer and closer to the realization of the phytorefinery Rijnzicht at IPKW, together with our partner Veolia. Erin Bade and Diederik Visser are busy with soil drilling on behalf of and together with Job Claushaus van de Schoonste Lusthof. Fortunately just now that the nice weather has returned from vacation.

And so we’re making quite a bit of progress in this holiday season. That is also a nice combination of two words: ‘making progress’. Because the basis for progress in the form of knowledge and ideas has been largely recorded in books for centuries. In the course of our existence we have already produced many of them: on our website the counter already stands at 53 books on the bookshelf. All from Tom Bade’s keyboard.


But books will be added again this year: about land consolidation, about dredged material as a raw material and, above all, a beautiful book – we can already say that – about the economic health benefits of our national parks. Because we have been commissioned by the Health Domain to conduct research into this. Very complex matter, or – if we reformulate it positively – a ‘nice challenge’. And we are sure that with our approach we will add a whole new dimension to this theme.

Talk about new ideas and progress. It has pleased the European Authorities to grant us a patent for our VezelBrickz which allows us to break down asbestos in the soil. In addition to the Dutch and European patent for the Brickz, this is the next application that has actually been granted. And then we have three more in the pipeline. But for the time being, the value that this patent represents will also be in our books.

In short, we are making progress and we are looking forward to the future. From a discussion on Linkedin I quickly understood that you are then an ‘ecomodernist’, and that word was really used as a term of abuse by an employee of a sustainable bank. Now I think that on average the bank can keep up with customers who believe in progress, because that is also clearly reflected in the books.

It can’t be any other way, can it? Imagine that, as a sustainable bank, you have a customer sitting opposite you who says that ‘degrowth’ is the highest goal for his new company and that the company will not exist longer than 2028, because then the earth will end anyway. Will the sustainable bank then say: ‘We are going to finance that firmly’. No.

That is why we are going full speed ahead with the attitude to make the earth a little better. But also because we still have a lot of books to write. And for those who prefer to watch rather than read, progress has also provided a solution there: see attached link:

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