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Newsletter November 2023. About production between doughnut containers, beer brewers and bookworms.

We are busy producing Brickz for various clients and coincidentally these are transported in what the trader called 'doughnut containers'. In fact, they are piled up everywhere, ready to be shipped now that the planting season has arrived, which coincidentally coincides with the doughnut season. But in these dark days,…

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Newsletter October 2023. About the Green Christmas Lecture and land consolidation

After the biodiversity crisis, the climate crisis and the nitrogen crisis, we now also have a water crisis. Let us reformulate it positively: we have a nitrogen task, a climate task, a biodiversity task and a water task. We could make this list longer, depending on who is holding the…

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Newsletter July 2023. The price of good ideas

Last month we didn't have a newsletter, because then we launched our completely renewed website. We have received a lot of positive reactions to that. For those who missed it, here's the link again: https://tripleee.nl/ It is also important that we now have a separate website/webshop for the Brickz: https://brickz.earth/…

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News letter december 2022. A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year

The end of the year started with a great party. The symposium 'Breaking down pollution' on 15 December was a great success. The Koepelkerk was quite full and that was already an indicator that the theme matters. What is also important: everyone ran smoothly and we only had good speakers.…

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