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We are busy producing Brickz for various clients and coincidentally these are transported in what the trader called ‘doughnut containers’. In fact, they are piled up everywhere, ready to be shipped now that the planting season has arrived, which coincidentally coincides with the doughnut season. But in these dark days, doughnuts do not have our attention in terms of tasty treats, which is focused on beer. Because in the meantime we have traditionally brewed a nice beer again for the Green Christmas Lecture. Of course again from the ‘Nat Goud’ brand, brewed with hops from our mycoretum and grown on brewers’ sludge. This time it became a Bavarian beer.

Everyone who attends the Green Christmas Lecture on December 21 at 2 p.m. will receive a bottle. And that also means a lot of production, because we already have 110 registered participants and there will be many more. So with the subject of ‘land consolidation’ we really have a theme that fascinates the field. Everyone is welcome, admission is free, but advance registration is required at lotte@tripleeee.nl.

Naturally, we have written a booklet entitled ‘From kitchen table to opportunity’ about the social need for land consolidation. This production by Tom Bade will also be included in the Christmas gift that all visitors receive. For the bookworms: production is not at a standstill here either, because these days we are working hard on a publication about the economic health benefits of national parks on behalf of the Health Domain. And we are also going to write a book for the Delta Platform about dredging and circularity.

For all books written by Tom Bade over the years, visit our website. www.tripleee.nl .Who knows, there might be something for under the Christmas tree.

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