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Triple E
Van Berm tot Bladzijde tot Brickz

Commissioned by Rijswaterstaat, an alliance under the name ‘From Verge to Page’ is being built from 2014 aimed at processing verge grass into a raw material for paper production. The starting point was New Foss’ technique to extract fibre from roadside grass. This eventually led in 2016 to a cooperation agreement between Parenco and 17 governments aimed at supplying 200,000 tonnes of roadside grass on its basis for paper production. Of course, Tom Bade came up with the name of the project. The project made it to Vroege Vogels.
Triple E organises three landscape auctions: for the Veluwe Fund, for the Globe Guards and for Geldersch Landscape and Castles, and is successful in a crowd-funding campaign for the creation of a vineyard at Mariëndaal Estate.
Tom Bade lands unsolicited at number 34 in the Sustainable Top 100 and Triple E goes through a transition to an organisation that will focus entirely on the developments production of Brickz, with consultancy more as a secondary product.