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Triple E
Meer bier en nieuwe locaties

Regarding consultancy in Nature and Economy, we conducted a study commissioned by the Health Domain of the Ministry of LNV on the economic health benefits of national parks. This research is expected to culminate in a book in 2024. Additionally, we have also begun, commissioned by an alliance including the Hoge School Zeeland, to write a book about dredging and silt as raw materials.

Concerning Natural Soil Improvement, significant steps have been taken towards establishing a regular production company. This is primarily by producing Brickz and Tompost for entities such as Twickel, Boomkwekerij van den Berk, and the Royal Ginkel Group. Acquiring a patent for the FiberBrickz, aimed at the degradation of asbestos using mycorrhiza, was also essential. Furthermore, we have initiated collaboration with the “Schoonste Lusthof” concerning soil research.

Within Applied Economic Argumentation, the highlight was the Green Christmas Lecture that we organized on December 23 in collaboration with the Cadastre on land consolidation. Approximately 150 people attended the event at the Koepelkerk, setting a record.