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Triple E
De Levende Tuin en de eerste prijzen 2008

Studies are carried out and books written for various clients. Especially for the VHG and Plant Publicity Holland, a series of studies are carried out, resulting in books such as ‘Green above all’ (on the benefits of green roofs) and ‘The crowning glory’ (on the benefits of urban trees). Over the years, Tom Bade and his team will publish more than forty books.
Especially well known is also the book ‘Lang leven(de)’tuin for the VHG. At the request of Peter Loef – at the time director of the VHG – Tom Bade had come up with an inspiring concept for a lecture in France, which became ‘The Living Garden’ as a counterpart to the petrified garden.
Studies also appear on the economic benefits of the Weerribben Wieden (‘Kop en Munt’) and the Utrechtse Heuvelrug (‘The money grows on our Heuvelrug’). The methodology of research continues to be refined into what is eventually called the FEBO methodology.
Together with Herman Finkers, Triple E sets to work on developing an alternative plan for the Twente airbase. Anno 2023, we can conclude that it would have been better if the region had adopted the idea for a Care and Cure estate.
Finally, Triple E receives several awards for developing the landscape auction and Tom Bade lands in the Sustainable Top 100 for the first time.