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Triple E
Verjagen, Awards en Bavaria

For the Animal Protection Society, the concept of ‘scare free’ is conceived and developed. The study, of course, appears in a beautiful book called ‘Met de schrik vrij’. With this, the number of books Tom has written rises above sixty. Especially as this year also sees the release of the book he co-authored with Peter Paul Witsen: Wet Gold (how appropriate for dredging). The book deals with the importance of dredging within history and for the future of our country.
For the Goois Natuurreservaat, Triple E is conducting a study into a new financing structure based on ecosystem services. Initial contacts are being made with Bavaria to investigate whether we can make Brickz from brewer’s sludge within NSI.
A web shop will be opened on the web site where companies can order Brickz on but. And NSI will receive a grant from the province of Gelderland to set up an automated system to produce the Brickz. The system will be aptly named Tellus, the Roman goddess of soil fertility.
But most importantly, Triple E received the European Inspiration Award for the project ‘Dredging, grass clippings and litter from the region as soil improver based on Brickz’.