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Triple E

Newsletter December and January 2020/2021. Looking forward.

Normally our newsletter appears at the beginning of every new month, but this time a little later. That is not because we have no news, but mainly to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2021 in these special times. We look back on a special year, in which we made…

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Newsletter November 2020. About bouquets of flowers and forests of trees.

Whether it is the neighbor who took care of the cat, the birthday mother-in-law, or the employee who has worked faithfully for the company for 10 years: if it's a special occasion, we're happy to give someone - and rightly so - a beautiful bouquet of flowers. That is a wonderful…

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Newsletter October 2020. About writing, about exaggerating and about remaining.

The days are getting shorter and the green light under which Tom Bade is writing comes on earlier and earlier. The green light has been the nocturnal sun for decades now, under which countless texts literally see the light. At the moment, these are the studies that we are conducting/the…

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Newsletter September 2020. Shorter days and longer to-do lists.

The holidays are over, the days are getting shorter and the to-do lists longer. It is September, so the calendars are again full of appointments, albeit still mainly digital, which is a bit less fun. After all, it remains human work if you want to save the environment and that…

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Newsletter August 2020. It is time for a good story, also in English.

We live in times when it is no longer very hip for the government to make plans. Because plans require vision and that is only difficult. It is better to put nothing on paper and respond, which is described with great admiration as ‘political agility’ by the political press. Well,…

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Newsletter July 2020. Triple E in the prices.

Participating is more important than winning, the saying goes. But to be honest: once we were nominated, we also wanted to win. So there we sat, somewhat nervous in front of (or behind) our screen, because the EU's Rural Inspiration Awards were presented digitally this year. Our project that was…

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Newsletter June 2020. Behind the screens.

In times of Corona, we are increasingly working behind the screens. Behind computer screens that is, so still transparent. We now have a lot of meetings via Teams, Zoom and Skype, all from behind our own screen. Digital meetings offer a sufficient solution, of which we must hope that this…

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Newsletter May 2020. Looking, thinking and contemplating.

Nature has no lockdown: it is spring and so everything really pops out of the ground again. We can see that everywhere. Also at Phytorefinery the Growing Place (Fytoraffinaderij de Groeiplaats) we can hardly control the blossoming nature. Growing, blooming and pruning, that's what it's all about in spring. Also…

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Newsletter April 2020. Love in times of Corona.

‘Love in the Time of Cholera’ is a novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. In this story, a man has to wait fifty-one years, nine months, and four days for his great love. While writing this newsletter, our quarantine lasted two weeks and will be extended by four weeks. Although not…

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Newsletter March 2020. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

These are stormy times. Literally and figuratively. Literally because it does not want to become winter nor spring and Mother Nature has decided that the wind must blow strongly from another angle, so we regularly check around the greenhouse to see if all the windows are still in its place.…

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